Welcome to Timsbury Fishery

It has been said that “there are four great rivers in the world,

the Amazon, the Ganges, the Nile and the Test, and some say that the greatest of these is the Test.”


The River Test is said to be the home of modern fly-fishing and its high quality game fisheries have made the River Test justifiably famous. The chalk water and abundance of weed are ideal for salmon, trout and grayling.


The River Test rises from chalk at Ashe near Basingstoke and enters the sea at Southampton, gliding through 42 miles of Hampshire countryside and water meadows. These crystal waters support an abundance of life in all its glorious forms.


The fishing is mainly for brown trout, using up-stream dry fly and nymph. Salmon can be caught but have to be returned to the river. During the winter months members can also fish for grayling and coarse fish.


Ownership of a share in Timsbury Fishery Limited entitles the holder to fish one rod on a specified day every other week during the season. Fishing rotates over the four beats so that a rod fishes the whole fishery every eight weeks.

new Lodge at Timsbury


The village of Timsbury is situated beside the River Test between Romsey and Stockbridge. The fishery is accessed via a private road and is surrounded by acres of privately owned classic chalk stream water meadows.


The fishing lodge is equipped with power, water, a kitchen area, WC, washing facilities and large patio area with seating, which overlooks the main river. There are three other huts around the fishery each with picnic tables.

Book Time On The River

If you are interested in fishing for a day, a season or you wish to become a permanent part

of our fishing family you, your family and guests will also be made welcome at Timsbury Fishery

Own a Part of the River

The Timsbury fishery syndicate offers the unique opportunity to own a part of the River Test in perpetuity. So whether you come to the river bank to just enjoy the countryside or as a passionate fly fisher Timsbury welcomes you.


Ownership of a share will entitle the shareholder to fish fish one rod per specified day on a single beat every fortnight within the season and on occasion bring a guest. The fishing is for trout using up-stream dry fly and nymph; salmon can be caught but they all have to be returned to the water.

Booking a Guide for the River

Tuition is tailored to suit individual needs, proceeding at a pace that ensures you are happy, confident and safe and that you are enjoying yourself.


Two hour lessons, half day or full days are available as different options. A full day would cover all aspects of fly fishing: an introduction to fishing tackle and equipment necessary for a day’s fishing, knots, fly selection & basic entomology, roll casting, overhead casting, false casting, shooting line, hooking and landing a fish, handling of fish, humane dispatching of fish, catch & release, fishing etiquette. All lessons cover safety, loan of equipment & rod license for the day.

The Beats

The River Test rises from chalk at Ash near Basingstoke and enters the sea at Southampton water gliding through miles of Hampshire countryside and water meadows. The river is a remarkable nature reserve with the hidden treasures of a vibrant eco system that has been supported and encouraged by generations of owners and keepers. Timsbury comprises four individual and private beats providing fishing for two rods per beat over 3 miles of the both the River Test and carrier streams.

The Facilities

The main fishing lodge is well equipped with a patio area and seating, which overlooks the main river, where anglers can watch the river slide gently by, or sit and enjoy the company of fellow fishers, family and friends. There are facilities for making tea and coffee, etc. Lighting is supplied by solar charged batteries and a sink is provided for fish washing, dog cleaning, etc next to the car park. There is a WC and washbasin behind the main hut for members’ use. Other huts, with table and chairs, are provided for members at strategic points throughout the fishery.

The Location

Timsbury Fishery is accessed via a private road and is surrounded by acres of private water meadows. It is situated in the village of Timsbury on the River Test between Romsey and Stockbridge. Stockbridge is busy market town full of interesting places to stay, eat and shop. Here the river runs past and under the town giving the fishers plenty of opportunity to rest and refresh, spy out their quarry and acquire the equipment they need.


Corporate Structure

How it all works at Timsbury Fishery


Fishing on specified days at Timsbury is a right which is attached to shares in Timsbury Fishery Limited (the company) and the shareholders (members) of the company are therefore those who normally fish there. Each share specifies the day of the week on which the owner is entitled to fish, once per fortnight. The members are sometimes referred to as the syndicate. Many own one share but a significant number own several, which could entitle them to fish more than one rod on their specified day (i.e. to invite a guest) or to fish every week rather than every other week.


Timsbury Fishery Limited shares are not listed on any stock exchange. There are four directors of the company, including an independent chairman, who is not a member of the syndicate.. The board deals with corporate matters, including formalities for the transfer of shares, and is responsible for the overall management of the fishery. Board meetings are held as required and the annual general meeting (AGM) of the company is held on the same day as the syndicate AGM.in October or November of each year.


The Advisory Committee, sometimes referred to as the Management Committee, represents the interests of the members of the fishery and deals with the routine management of it. The Committee consists of seven members, each representing those who fish on a specified day of the week, plus a chairman. The chairman is responsible for day to day liaison with the Fishery Manager. The Committee approves the annual budget from which the annual maintenance charge to members is derived.