The Syndicate

The Timsbury fishery syndicate offers the unique opportunity to own a part of the River Test in perpetuity.

So whether you come to the river bank to just enjoy the countryside or as a passionate fly fisher Timsbury welcomes you


Elsewhere in this website there are detailed explanations of:

The ownership (shareholding) and management structure of the Fishery

Meetings of members and annual information circulation

The arrangements for each member/shareholder to fish on a specified day of every other week

The beat rotation from the start of the season until early October

The “free-for-all” period from the end of the beat rotation until the end of October

The likely costs of acquiring a share and the annual maintenance charge

Arrangements for coarse fishing in winter.

But the real benefit of joining the syndicate is being a part, in perpetuity, of a group of like-minded fly fishermen,

who enjoy fishing in wonderful surroundings on one of the world’s greatest rivers.